Photography by Kid Circus
Photography by Kid Circus

The World Premiere of Fortitude

Undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools of education comes from genuine conversation, debate and listening.

The Q&A session after the screening of Fortitude opened up conversation around the film and brought together those who participated in the making of it for the first time. The panel, hosted by Misan Harriman, consisted of Ron Timehin, Stevie Gamble, Lavinya Stennet, Sabrina Elba and Radford Nichols.

The content of what was discussed, were what it was like to create something of this nature, what it was like to speak candidly about racial injustice during one of the most challenging periods of our lives, the goals for the film, and what progress still needs to be made in the fight to eradicate racism.  

The floor was then opened from members of the audience to ask their own questions and give thoughts on the film.

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